Namibia Dream Photo Workshop


10 Days | Mar 7th-16th, 2018

Unlike anywhere else in Africa, Namibia offers an incredible diversity with its unique seascapes, incredible desert landscapes, colonial architecture and amazing wildlife.


Join us on a life-changing Adventure

Japan Dream Photo Tour


13 Days | March 29th – April 10th, 2017

This is one of the absolute most beautiful times to visit and photograph Japan’s ancient castles, fascinating landscapes, serene shrines, iconic pagodas, and of course some of the most beautiful cherry blossom viewing areas on the planet.


Join us on a life-changing Adventure

Italy Dream Photo Tour


8 Days | April 19th-27th, 2018

Join us for an Italy Photo Tour through one of the most culturally rich and photogenic countries on the planet!

Join us on a life-changing Adventure

Upcoming Photo Tours

Japan Photo Tour 2016 with Elia Locardi and Naomi Locardi

Japan Photo Tour

13 Days | March 29th-April 10th, 2018

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Italy Photo Tour with Elia Locardi and Naomi Locard - April 2018

Italy Photo Tour

8 Days | April 19th-27th, 2018

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Bhutan Photo Tour 2017

Bhutan Photo Tour

14 Days | Sep 12-25th, 2018

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Fall Iceland Photo Tour 2018

Fall Iceland Photo Tour

11 Days | November 3rd-13th, 2018

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“I can’t say enough about the trip to Iceland. You guys did a phenomenal job! I had wanted to take a Photo Tour like this for many years, but always put it off. I am so glad I decided to go. I will not hesitate again. While I am thrilled with the images I was able to capture, the value of trips like this shouldn’t be measured in photos alone. The conversations over dinner, experiences shared in the field – the friendships made – that is where the true value lies. This was simply an incredible experience shared with an awesome group of people. I feel so grateful for having had the opportunity to attend. Well done my friends.”

Ernie V. || Minnesota, USA

Iceland Photo Tour 2014

“It. Was. Amazing! : ) We couldn’t have asked for better team leaders. They were funny, approachable, extremely patient, very knowledgeable, supportive, passionate, interesting leaders and always made themselves available to answer any and all our questions to help us grow both as people and photographers. The group was great as well – we really gelled and laughed basically for 10 days straight. I’ve been spreading the word about the Jordan trip any chance I get since being back! Thanks again!”

Julie C. || Toronto, Canada

Jordan Photo Tour 2012

“My wife and I decided to spend our 14 year anniversary with Dream Photo Tours on an incredible venture through Italy. This trip exceeded our wildest expectations. If you are looking for a great mixture of culture but want to be taken to some of the most famous and beautiful areas to photograph in Italy, this is your trip. We both had an amazing time and loved the wild and crazy antics of our tour guides, they thought of everything. We can’t wait to take our next trip! Thanks for not only an awesome experience, but a hand made map of some of the best photo spots in the world. Highly recommend!”

Stephen F. || Texas, USA

Italy Photo Tour 2014